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Waxing for Women

To Prevent Adverse Skin Reaction!

Skin pores remain open and therefore prone to bacteria and infection.
Avoid following at lease for 24-48 hours after waxing!

Do not touch freshly waxed skin
Hands carry bacteria which could get into skin pores and/or cause a reaction.

Avoid sun exposure and spray tan
Apply sun screen before sun exposure. Freshly waxed skin would be too sensitive and more likely to burn and/or cause hyper pigmentation.

Avoid Excessive Heat
Hot shower, hot bath, sauna, going to gym and/or exercise will stimulate sensitiveness (Cool or warm shower is OK)

Avoid scrubs the waxed area
No exfoliation freshly waxed skin for at least 48 hours (Recommend to exfoliate after the skin settled to prevent ingrown hair)

Avoid fragrance cream
It will irritate the freshly waxed skin.

Avoid to wear tight clothing
Tight clothing increase the chances of getting ingrown hairs.

Best Skin Care Tips!

Cleanse waxed area with Rose Water or Witch hazel Water.
They have soothing and antiseptic properties.

Relax skin with ice
Take some ice cube and wrap it with in a towel.
Apply this towel to the waxed area.
Skin will relax by eliminating the red bumps and rushes.

Moisturise skin with organic oils
Take a few drops of organic oils (eg; jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, etc) and rub it over the waxed area. It will help to keep moisturise the area longer.
It is great to apply Aloe Vera gel to the waxed area to keep it cool and nourished.