Wish everyone is enjoying Christmas and New Year holiday.

However are you OK for your body condition?

It is no surprise that you feel tired after eating lots of party foods, drinking alcohol, staying up later than usual, and not much exercise.

Here are some tips to go back to regular exercise.

Don’t Panic

Do you have the big picture of your health? Then, don’t freak out. A couple of weeks of changing eating habit won’t impact to your goal. We all need a time to relax.

Get back to your regular eating and sleeping habits

We all know good nutrition and rest keep your energy level. The sooner you get back to your regular meal and sleeping pattern, the quicker you will feel more comfortable.

Don’t do too much

It is understandable you would like to jump into any exercise and give it 110%. Go with your own pace and pay attention to your body conditions. It will help to prevent injuries.

Start exercise and stretch

It is good idea to make an appointment at gym, yoga, Pilates, or anything you like. Exercise can boost of energy level and you will sleep better at night. Don’t forget to do stretches after exercise.

Set goals and keep at it

Small changes over time will give you a success to reach your goal. Remedial Massage is good to maintenance your body and mind as well.