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Facial Massage

As we get older, every part of the face begins to sag and that makes you look fatter and older than your age.

We can’t stop ageing but we can delay it as long as possible…

if you look after your facial muscles and scalp.

We will work on your facial muscles and scalp to release tension, remove toxins and improve circulation which all makes you look younger, fresher and healthier.

This is a treatment for deeper facial muscles and you will be amazed how much your complexion improves after the treatment.

Our organic skin care brand range is not only nourishing and repairs the skin but also nurtures your entire being.


Express Facial Massage

30 mins $40

Complete facial massage focusing on your facial muscle and scalp to release tension and remove toxins.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Massage (face, decolletage, scalp, neck and shoulders)
  3. Moisturise


Classical Facial Massage

60 mins $70

This full experience is tailed to your skin needs and is enhanced with signature techniques. Detox clay mask will leave your skin revitalised and refreshed. 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Detox clay mask (face)
  3. Massage (face, decolletage, scalp, neck and shoulders)
  4. include arms massage during clay mask
  5. Moisturise


Rejuvenate Facial Massage

90 mins $100

This extensive facial massage is personalised to your need to replenish and regenerate your skin.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Detox clay mask (face and decolletage)
  4. Massage (face, decolletage, scalp, neck and shoulders)
  5. include arms and legs massage during clay mask
  6. Moisturise



Clay Foot Soak $10

Exfoliation $10




  • Releases tightness of facial muscles and scalp
  • Eases eye strain
  • Removes toxins
  • Increases blood flow
  • Restores youthful complexion
  • Minimises dark circles under the eyes
  • Uplifts the entire face
  • Aligning facial features
  • Slimming effects

Can I get a result with just one treatment?   YES!



Please allow us extra 10 mins for consultation with treatment.

First visit $10 off


What we use

*Cleanser Base

Mild cleanser base cream to remove makeup. 

*Revital Essence

The first item to apply right after washing your face. 

*Refresh Lotion

Green floral scent. Rich in vitamins and minerals

*Rose Moisturiser

Luxurious cream, maintains your skin soft and healthy.

*Wrinkle Winkle

Perfect solution for matured skin.

*Rose Essence

Enjoy the delicious fragrance of roses.