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Lovely Experience

Amazing experience. I loved my massage and Reiki. Very very good experience; thoroughly recommend and will definitely be back. Lovely experience.

Rose 21 April, 2018

 Cairns’s loss is Brisbane’s gain!

Nori is one of the best therapists I have ever met! As a massage therapist myself, I am very particular about getting massages, but Nori is one of the few therapists that I really enjoy every treatment from and I can recommend to anyone. I use to have regular aromatherapy massages and waxing treatments with Nori when she lived in Cairns. Nori could lead me to the deepest relaxation stage, and when we finish the treatment, I always felt not only relaxed, but also felt the therapeutic outcome. Nori can work on specific needs but also is able to work with a holistic approach. Nori selects the best products for her treatments and I enjoyed aromatherapy massage with her selection of essential oils. Her waxing technique is very quick and efficient, her bright and friendly nature make waxing treatments comfortable and fun! Nori is a great therapist, and I really enjoy her loving and compassionate personality while she always remains very professional. Cairns’s loss is Brisbane’s gain! People in Brisbane are so lucky to have her. I really miss her but I wish her all the best for her new adventures in Brisbane.

Itoshi 24 April, 2018

Three of us enjoyed!

I had Nori’s massage twice (after a quick massage on a fundraising event). The first time I had brought with my friend and we both enjoyed it very much, we felt she did just the right way. The second time again we brought another younger friend. Three of us enjoyed it. Just tell how you would like it and your concerns, she will remember to do everything you asked.

Yumiko 21 April, 2018

Absolutely Amazing

Thank you so much Nori, I feel absolutely amazing after my massage today and I can’t wait to come again.

Tina 21 April, 2018

Pain and Tension was gone!

Nori has wonderful soothing hands. My neck and shoulders were so tight and sore when I arrived, but the pain and tension was gone after one session with Nori. Definitely going again!

Chris 21 April, 2018

I am Picky

I am picky about receiving massages as I am an aroma & clay therapy researcher and have experience with lots of different massage therapists. I was impressed by Nori ‘s techniques and fantastic results! I took photos before/after, it looks significant! It is really rare to have therapist who are good at both body and facial massages as well as both aromatherapy and clay therapy. Nori is amazing with all the therapies she provides.

Makiko 21 April, 2018

Counting down next!

Last Friday was my first visit with Nori and I’m counting down the days to my next! Nori is highly experienced and she soothers the body and the soul

Nic 21 April, 2018

Skin brighter, Eyes look bigger

I had uplifting facial massage yesterday. My skin colour much brighter and eyes look bigger after the treatment. My face still feel soft and smooth this morning. Highly recommend!!

Yuri 21 April, 2018

Wow wow wow

I had a massage and facial with Nori today. Wow wow wow. I absolutely loved it. I have finally found a great massage therapist. You are the best. I thank you and o does my body. I will be back and recommending you to everyone. Blessings to you Nori.

Jo 21 April, 2018

Really Benefited

Nori has given me several treatments, both in Cairns and at Springfield Lakes and I have enjoyed each and every one. She is very professional in the manner in which she conducts her business and, due to her calm nature, she has a real ability to relax you, which in turn aids in the treatment process. I always leave feeling I have really benefited from the treatment and wanting more. I have no hesitation in recommending KOBI Massage to potential customers.

Sally 21 April, 2018

Really Good

Really good experience. Nori is lovely and very nice, she makes you feel welcome and the massage was great. I definitely recommend her.

Amy 21 April, 2018

Love Deep Tissue Massage

I had a massage from Nori when I worked as chef. My back and shoulders were rock hard. Nori relieved tiredness from my body. She is so tiny but her massage is strong ( I love deep tissue massage ) Her salon was comfortable and I really enjoyed the time with her.

Kumiko 24 April, 2018

Felt Like a Resort Hotel

I really liked the aroma smell and healing music playing. I felt like I was at a resort hotel. I had face lifting massage and back massage. Her hands are so strong but she knows how to control it. So I was very comfortable and about to fall asleep. She has special power to heal people I believe. I highly recommend.

Keiko 21 April, 2018

Love This

Nori is not only phenomenal at what she does but she is such a lovely person as well. Her face massage is devine, I would happily get one every day of the week. I have also had many delightful massages with her, her technique is fabulous at releasing tight muscles in a relaxing manner. I could write for days but I will finish with you won’t be disappointing!

Ofelia 21 April, 2018

Life has been changed!

I have problems with my elbows of tennis and golf, lower back caused by trampoline, knees from circuit training... I was hopeless my movement ability therefore weight is getting more and more.

KOBI's massage method sorted all above problems.

Misty 27 April, 2018

Great Job

There is no where else I would go to get my massages but with Nori. Highly recommended!!

Lyn 21 April, 2018

Deeply Relaxed

Nori gave me such a deeply relaxing, healing treatment, with such professionalism and care. My absolute favourite was the face massage and i cant wait for the next on… I’ve already re-booked! Thank you so much Nori.

Germaine 21 April, 2018

Feel Clear

I received her face lift massage and it made me feel so clear and comfortable. She added massage around my shoulder and neck as well and it was great, too.

Noriko 24 April, 2018